Tuesday, September 29, 2009

True Story Tuesday....How much do I cost?

So, if you read my post from yesterday, you are aware that I spent last week in the lovely (aka..tiny) town of Victoria, Texas. While there, I met some nice locals who I hung out with several nights there. One particular night, I had met up with some of these new friends at the "upscale" bar in town. (now, I must tell you...their idea of "upscale" is a little bit different than Dallas...but, amusing nonetheless)

We are all sitting there enjoying a drink, and I excuse myself to go to the ladies room. As I'm walking through the bar, I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to see this "Bluto-type" character with a goofy grin across his hairy face. I smile politely and continue on my merry way.....uh..yeah....not getting away that easy.

He grabs my arm and says, "WOW...you're so beautiful. What's your name? Why don't I buy you a drink!"

Me: "Umm...well, that's very sweet of you, but I'm actually heading to the ladies room right now...so..." (I begin walking away once more...)

Bluto: "Wait, wait, wait! You can't just walk away! I think you should marry me!" (yes, he actually said this)

Me: (staring in shock and slight amusement) "Well, now...that IS quite the offer, but I REALLY need to go to the restroom now....so...." (by this point, my bladder is beginning to scream at me and my "sweet little southern girl demeanor" is wearing thin)

Bluto: "Seriously! We just HAVE to be together...come on...."

Me: (walking briskly to restroom and duck inside the door.....WHEW! Safe!)

I'm walking into the big stall (oh, come on...you know you use the big stall sometimes even if the others are available)...I'm about to close the door....and who do I see?


That's right folks....he followed me into the restroom.

Bluto: "But, I just think we should talk..."


Thankfully, at this point, some other unsuspecting girl walks in and gives me this "What in the world is this dude doing in the ladies restroom" look, and I know my eyes were pleading with her to help me. We both look at him and at the same time say, "GET OUT!" He stumbles out....thank. goodness!

Of course, this girl is now my instant BFF (for the next 5 minutes at least)...you know how we girls are....we bond over things like this. As we're walking out of the restroom, we are already concocting our plan of what to do if crazed-bathroom-intruder decides to pursue me again. I make it back to my friends without running into him, and all is well once again.

A short time later, we hear a small commotion over at the bar, not far from us...we look over and see Bluto and another dude hitting each other...this dude is just one class act. Turns out, the guy is his brother! Yep...his brother. Ahhh...small towns. So, they take it outside and OF COURSE, the whole bar practically files out automatically to see the action. (yes, me too...COME ON...it's a fight!)

By the time I walk out there, they're already hugging. I wanted to scream, "WHAT KIND OF A FIGHT IS THAT?! WHERE'S THE ACTION?!" But, I contained my WWF tendencies.

As Bluto is walking back into the bar, he spots me. UGH...here we go again....

Bluto: "I think you should hang out with me and my friends for the rest of the night."

Me: "Umm..thanks, but no thanks. I'm hanging out with these guys." (thankfully, my friends were standing right there!)

Bluto: "Ok...here is 100 dollars to hang out with us." (he actually gets a 100 dollar bill from his wallet and tries to hand it to me)

Me: (total look of shock on my face) "Are you kidding me?!"

Bluto: "Alright...$200!" (he gets out another 100 dollar bill)

Me: (mouth gaping open with total disgust)

Bluto: "Ok, Ok....$300...final offer." (he is handing me $300)

At this point, my friend (who, by the way, was thoroughly amused watching this whole thing go down) walks up and says, "Yeah...she's with us, and we're leaving now. Bye"

He leads me away and I'm still in total disbelief. My friend says, "You should have just taken the money and run! HAHA!" Looking back, I really should have.... ;)

So, I guess that's what I am worth? $300? Huh....always thought I was at least worth $475.50......oh well.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Latest News in Summerworld...

WOW! What a busy, crazy week! Sorry to be so MIA for so long, but I haven't had ANY time to myself! I flew into Austin on Saturday morning and went to the UT/Tech game...tailgating was out of control fun!

I was getting my "Hook 'Em" sign ready, but not fast enough...haha

I stayed in Austin that night, and drove to Victoria, Texas Sunday afternoon. It's a short 2 1/2 hour drive and it was kind of nice to look at the countryside. I checked into my hotel when I arrived and just relaxed in my room. I explored a little bit that evening and watched the Cowboy game that night (let's not talk about that...ugh)

My class started on Monday....alright...let's learn about compressors!!! I was the ONLY girl in the class, but it was a lot of fun. That evening, I decided to try out the only sushi place in town (I know, I know...probably not the smartest decision, but I just had to give it a shot) As I was waiting on my to-go order, a guy at the bar strikes up a conversation with me and we chit chat for a bit. He proceeds to tell me that I should go up to this place called "The Scoreboard" to watch the game (some college football game). So, I tell him I might make it up there and to give me a ring.

I'm sitting in my room enjoying my sushi (not bad, might I add) and my phone rings...it's the dude from the restaurant and he says,"So...do you want to play in a Texas Hold'em tournament?"

I say,"Sure...when?"
He says,"Right now! It's free!"
Me,"Why not! I'll be right up there!"

So, I make my way up to The Scoreboard and sit at my designated table for the tournament. We begin.....HEY, I won a hand...cool. HEY...I won another hand...awesome! I'm doing a pretty good job! Fast forward about 2 hours and I'm sitting at the "Winner's Table" with 4 other guys...LOL!

I ended up winning 2nd place! And, as a prize, I got a $15 gift card to Scoreboard...not sure when I will use it, but HEY..it's something!

Afterwards, I was sitting at the bar and this table full of people invited me to sit with them. They ended up being really sweet and we hung out the rest of the night...

So, one day of class was spent out in the field looking at actual compressors! This one that I'm standing on wasn't running, so I thought it would be cool to get my picture taken.....you know...as proof...haha

That day after class, I just couldn't hold out any longer...I bought myself some boots and Wrangler jeans! LOL! And that evening, I went to a restaurant called Lu Roq's and ate dinner....and they had a band playing that night. The band was actually quite impressive!

Overall, it was a fun week of learning and living the "slow-paced" country life. Around 10, I started out on the road towards San Antonio. Along the way, I passed through some of the cutest towns...this one caught my eye because of the name..hehe

I got into San Antonio around noon and decided to eat lunch on the Riverwalk...

Afterwards, I walked around the city and stopped by the Alamo for a visit. It was a really nice day outside, so walking around was so nice.

I flew back to Dallas that afternoon, and went to a Ranger game with some friends.

We had great seats (my friend's firm has these season tickets and they rock!)

Saturday, I went to lunch with some friends and we walked over to the Uptown Festival. They had cooking demonstrations, booths with jewelry and clothing...live music...all sorts of fun stuff.

Then, Saturday night, I celebrated my friend's brothers birthday...

Trace and me at Cadillac Ranch...

It was a fun-filled week and I was pure exhausted yesterday! I'm really not slowing down much this week either, but I'm going to try and get as much rest as possible when I can....

Hope everyone is doing wonderfully!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy week coming up!

I'm really pumped about my busy weekend/week coming up! Tomorrow morning, I fly to Austin where my friends and I are going to the UT/Tech game!!! I bought some cute little UT shirts to wear and show my support!

This one is just TOO adorable and I will probably wear it to the game. It's sort of a long, fitted tank and has a thick white band on the bottom...

This one is super cute, too....and you can't really see all of its' "cuteness" in this pic....but, there is a longhorn on the front and it reads "Texas" on the back.

I took a poll on my facebook page to see which one my friends thought I should wear, and the majority picked the tank...so, that's the one I'm going with this time! (although I may take the advice of some and change at halftime...hehe)

So, we're going to tailgate all day Saturday, go to the game at 7 and then go out on 6th street afterwards. Then, Sunday morning, I'm picking up a rental car and driving to good ol' Victoria, Texas! I'm doing a week long training for my company there and will be there until Friday...WHAT, WHAT!!!

I'm taking my trusty laptop, so I will continue blogging while I'm there....

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enough with the rain already!!!!!

Seriously, I am just D.O.N.E. with this rain in Dallas! It is NOT helping my mood at ALL! Now, I love rain every now and then, and can appreciate a good hearty thunderstorm from time to time......but, this constant, nagging drizzle and mist is starting to get to me.

I really don't know how people in Washington deal with this all the time!!! (unless, of course, you have Edward Cullen around)

I'm just plain ready to have my Dallas sunshine back! I'm ready for autumn to move in and get those cooler temperatures....because, nothing goes better with football than cool fall breezes and hot, yummy chili!!! Mmmmmmm......

Monday, September 14, 2009

In a daze....

Just haven't felt like blogging lately....this past weekend, I spent lots of time with my dear friend, Tracey. We had a "movie night" at her place one night, then went out on the town the other night. It's been SOOOO rainy for the past 4 days and I think I'm just about ready for it to clear up.

Got a busy week this week....lots going on....I'll get into deets later.

For now, I'm going to look out the window and daydream.....it's what I do best.. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FINALLY! Good TV is back!

I'm sooooo excited that some of my fave tv shows have finally started once more!

Last night, 90210 and the series premiere of Melrose Place (don't judge...)


Thursday...Bones and a new show, The Vampire Diaries (I'm interested and hope it's good!)

Now...if only they would start up Friday Night Lights and Smallville already!!!

Goodness...I just realized that I might watch a little too much television...hmm...never seems like I'm in front of the tv that much....I may need to rethink some of these.......

NAH...my shows take me away from reality...and right now, that's EXACTLY what I need! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Festivals, Flea Markets and Football!

Labor Day weekend was busy and fun! I started out the weekend by attending the Farmersville Art Festival with my parents....

Me and my mom looking at yarn....we just love knitting...

The "happening" downtown of Farmersville...

Chris Allen played live...He was pretty darn good...need to be on the lookout for him...

We had a fun time out there and I found some really cute jewelry!!!

That night, my friend Jess had her birthday party...

Sunday, my parents and I went to Canton Trade Days....once again, I found some cute stuff...a few t-shirts, sunglasses, candles....

That evening, I went to pick up my friend at the airport and we went out for just a bit...

Monday, we decided to make it a Pool Day and just take it easy...

Good friends swimming...

We grilled out ribs and they were AMAZING!!! After a yummy dinner of ribs, potato salad, baked beans and buttery rolls...we made s'mores!!!

It was pretty funny...we were watching the FSU/Miami game, and I looked around and realized that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. was on their phone facebooking...so, I just HAD to snap a picture....(and immediately post it to my facebook..haha)

Overall...good weekend...good friends...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Not sure exactly what I have planned for this weekend....

This afternoon, I am taking dear Lise to the airport as she heads off to sunny Miami (she's been trying to talk me into going, but airfare is just too darn high) Then, tonight, I'm watching my wonderful Dallas Cowboys!

One of my bloggy friends will actually be in the Dallas area for a wedding and I may get to see her out and about!!!

Tomorrow is a birthday party for my good friend, Jess...

Sunday, I will most likely go to Canton Trade Days with my adorable parents.

Monday, my friends and I are going to make it a "pool day" and lounge all day long soaking up the sun.

So...that's my itinerary so far for this glorious weekend....It's not fancy...It's not crazy...but, once again, I just hope that I stay busy enough to keep my mind occupied.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Last weekend's fun...

I've been so busy whining about silly boys, that I forgot to post about my fun times last weekend.....so...here goes...

Last Friday, I went to my friend Heather's bachelorette party. We started out at her place playing a few fun games and enjoying some girl time....

We went to the Magic Time Machine for dinner...I haven't been to this place since I was a little girl..and it definitely brought back some memories. It's a themed restaurant, so they have all sorts of characters and the whole restaurant is decorated wild and fun. Each booth is a different theme, too. This place is truly made for the kiddos. We had the Mad Hatter as our waiter and he was most certainly "mad"...never broke character...haha....

We sat in the "Dunce Cap" booth...

Posing in front of the "Love Booth"

Posing in front of the "Love Booth" as a kiddo...haha...

Standing in front of a limo....(yes I said "a limo"...because it wasn't ours..haha)

We went to a fun little bar afterwards...


Then, Saturday night, I went to my friend James' birthday party. We went to a sports bar to watch the Cowboy game...

Amber (James' wife) and me...

Birthday boy posing with the girls...

Then, on Tuesday evening, I went to the Ranger game with my dear friend, Lise. We sat right behind home plate just 3 rows back...very cool seats!!! Of course, I was ALL excited about being on tv and the darn cameras just missed us by a few seats...ugh...

Here we are hanging out at the Cuevo Club before the game...

So, I decided to take a picture of myself while everyone else is watching the fly ball...hehe...typical...

As you can see...I've been trying to keep SUPER busy....trying to keep my mind occupied with anything at all....it's not really working, but at least I'm having fun and hanging out with good friends!!! :)

Oh, and after the game Tuesday, we decided to hop over to a bar a block from my house and ended up hanging out with one of the "Bachelors" who bought our drinks...haha...It was fun......(but, he's no Mike)

UGH...there I go again!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To-Do Tuesday

Turn my frown upside down....

I've been Mopey Magee for too long and it's getting old, for goo'ness sake!

I have so much to be thankful for and happy about in my life and I'm letting one itsy, bitsy, eensy, weensy, teeny, tiny little thing bend me ALL out of shape. (ok, so it is kind of a big deal to me, but still!)

I guess, more than anything, it's just the absolute uncertainty that is causing my despondent attitude. If I knew exactly where things stood, and knew what the future held for me...I could accurately deal with the situation. As it is, I'm in a state of limbo...and it's tough.

But, each day is a new day filled with hope and promise. And, I pray that each day I get stronger and stronger...and I try to constantly remind myself of how incredibly blessed I am to have a life filled with people who love me, support me and a God who is always listening and comforting.

Some days will be easier than others...some days will rip me apart...but, I have absolute faith that eventually it will all be glued back together again...absolute faith....and...that's comforting.