Friday, November 6, 2009

'Cause I get a 1000 hugs...From 10,000 lightning bugs...

(That title has NOTHING to do with this post, but that song just makes me SO happy..haha)

So, I've had a nasty cold the past several days and I'm hoping it sort of goes away within the next few hours, because some girlfriends and I are driving down to Austin for the UT game! I LOVE college football! There's just so much energy and excitement in the air...and everyone is pumped up and positive! It's always a good time!


Hope everyone has a super-dee-duper weekend!!! Sending out hugs, smooches and laughter to all of you!


Angie S said...

I love college ball too...'specially TEXAS football!!

Have fun girl, and feel better soon.

Molly said...

Have fun at the UT game!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Have fun!! I hope you feel better!

And I looove that song too!