Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday

As always, there are so many things for which I am immensely thankful. My Heavenly Father has blessed me with loving parents and friends, good health, a roof over my head, food to eat, a job, an amazing church family and...most importantly...His LOVE!

I have been struggling all morning about what to write today...and I'm just going to "wing it" and do my best to let Him speak through me.

Being able to share my faith with you, and not worry about being prosecuted is something that I take for granted almost every single day. We don't worry about practicing our religion in public for fear that the government will arrest us or worse...We live in a country (an amazing country) where every single person has the absolute right to believe whatever they want to believe and practice those beliefs freely!

As a Christian, and one who gets fired up when talking about my love for Jesus...I cannot imagine keeping my mouth shut or not being able to carry my bible and read it when I want. I cannot imagine not attending my church on Sundays and spending time in fellowship with my brothers and sisters.

We sometimes forget how truly blessed we are to have the right to worship with others and minister to those who are lost.

So, I will try to remind myself every time I open my bible, walk into church, wear the cross around my neck...and blog...that I am lucky to have such a freedom. And I should not waste this gift, but take full advantage by spreading His word every chance I get!!!


Emily said...

perspective...great post.

Ruth said...

Amen! Very apropos on this National Day of Prayer!