Monday, April 27, 2009

100 Things About Me.....

Wow...ok, here goes....

1) My name is Summer...and I LOVE hearing people say it out loud.

2) I talk to God as if he is my best friend and sitting right next to me.

3) I learned to knit last year and have knitted about 4 scarves (my mom has knitted like off...haha)

4) I speak French

5) My favorite time of day is dusk...when the sun is just about to set...the world seems quiet and still...and it's just magical.

6) I won first place in the National Figure Skating Championship when I was 6.
7) My parents are my two favorite people here on this earth.

8) I think about what Heaven will be like....all the time....

9) {relating to #8} When talking to God, I always say,"I can't wait to meet you in Heaven." Then, I quickly follow up with,"Umm...but, hopefully, it's when I'm around 100 years old. I can wait until then."

10) I broke my arm swinging in a hammock when I was 6.

11) I don't like hammocks.

12) I broke my arm (in the same place) roller skating when I was 12.

13) I still like roller skating. "Open the door, get on the floor. Everybody walk the dinosaur. Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom, Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom"

14) My favorite color is purple.

15) My favorite body part is my hands. (is that grammatically correct??)

16) I know ASL. (American Sign Language)

17) When I used to swim as a child, my favorite thing to do would be to put a ring around my ankles and pretend I was a mermaid.

18) One of my best friends in high school was named Summer.

19) My dad-dad (grandfather) was in World War II.

20) I was a sorority girl in college.

21) I had three fish when I was little. Their names were Cheesy, Tigger and Kinkadoidee.

22) I used to put on "concerts" on the playground standing on top of the concrete tunnels, singing "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Manic Monday".

23) My first public singing performance was at a bar called Zinks. I was 3 or 4 years old and sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" while standing on top of their grand piano.

24) I am a dreamer.

25) I have a vivid imagination.

26) I always unlock my car doors when driving over the bridge to my parents house. (because, if I go off the bridge into the water, I don't want to be stuck in my car....I know...I'm odd)

27) I could say the Lord's Prayers before I was 2 years old.

28) I graduated from Culinary School in 2007 and so I am officially a chef.

29) My first dog's name was Christmas. She was a beautiful white Shepherd.

30) I believe in magic.

31) I am a neat freak.

32) In my pantry/fridge, all labels have to be facing forward and lined up straight. (I don't think it's OCD...just like it to be pretty...hehe)

33) My favorite book as a child was Bridge to Terabithia. I still cry when I think about it.......I'm tearing up right now...

34) I love singing and hope to make a cd someday soon.

35) Within the next year, I plan on learning to play the piano AND pick up my guitar and play that also.

36) When I was little, and my mom or dad would say my prayers with me, I would lay in bed and thank God for everything...and I mean EVERYTHING...I would tell Him "thank you" for my bed, pillows, books, hair clips, mom, dad, me-ma, dad-dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, friends, animals, fingers, toes, sky...EVERYTHING! My parents would eventually stop me and just say,"Tell Him you're thankful for everything, honey....He knows."

37) I am left handed.

38) I knew the Pledge of Allegiance before the age of two...and would say "with Liveraty and justice"

39) I crawled at 8 months and began walking right before my first birthday.

40) I sing the wrongs words to MANY songs....loudly...

41) One of my favorite shows on tv is "Bones"

42) I refuse to buy a Snuggie.

43) My first concert was Roy Orbison when I was around one year old.

44) I LOVE the band Chicago...I've seen them 4 times in concert.

45) I could count to 10 in Spanish before the age of 2.

46) I have never traveled overseas.

47) The thing I want more than anything else in this world is marrying a wonderful man and having lots of babies. I have wanted to be a mommy since I was little.

48) My parents took me on their second honeymoon to Hawaii when I was 7.

49) I never crawled out of my baby bed, and my first words may have been "your gonna fall".

50) I spin around in circles sometimes when riding on elevators to make myself dizzy. (when I'm alone...haha)

51) Sometimes, I skip......on the street, in the mall, in my office building...wherever the mood hits me.

52) I have danced my whole life...taking tap, jazz and ballet from the time I was 3 until I was 12.

53) My eyes change colors depending on what I'm, green-blue, green-gray...and my favorite color is when I'm crying.

54) I thought the most horrible, meanest and most terrible thing I could do as a child was to stick my tongue out.....and it sometimes terrified me to do it.

55) Our home was burglarized when I was little and I pulled the policeman into my room and told him that I was missing several hair clips that hung on a ribbon. I was just sure that they had been stolen!

56) I used to read the dictionary as a child. My dad has an immense vocabulary and constantly used these wonderfully eloquent words. When I asked him what these words meant, he would say,"Look it up." So, I did.

57) My favorite number is 111.

58) I do NOT like walking on grass barefoot.

59) I played the lead in our high school production of "Oklahoma" my senior year.

60) My best friend, Kara, was born 6 weeks before me and we are still the dearest of friends.

61) I have very weak arms, but very strong legs.

62) I've never had braces.

63) I love talking about Jesus!

64) I wish Stevie Wonder would play at my wedding. (still working out the details....oh...and I need to find a fiance)

65) Lemon Ice Box Pie is my FAVORITE!!!

66) I would NOT sit on Santa's lap until I was older. I was terrified of him.

67) When I was 16, I lost a very dear friend. I still blow kisses to the spot where he took his last breath every time I pass it.

68) I loved She-Ra Princess of Power, Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake...they were my homegirls!

69) When I pass a car accident, I make it a point not to look at it and then I always say a prayer. Something like,"Lord, please be with whomever was involved in that accident, please be with their family, let them not worry, let them be comforted. Hopefully, nobody was hurt. Thank you for watching over them, Lord. Amen."

70) I tend to over analyze things sometimes.

71) I am a BIG-TIME procrastinator.

72) I love sleeping late.

73) I have always disliked getting messy or dirty. On my first birthday, everyone was encouraging me to stick my finger in the cake (my mom made a "special" cake just for me to dive into) I gently stuck my finger in the icing, immediately took it out, then held it out for my mom to wipe off.

74) I miss my cat Blizzard.

75) My last meal would be chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas, Mrs. Bairds Cloverleaf rolls, my mom's toffee and peach iced tea.

76) My ears turn VERY red when I get nervous or embarrassed.

77) I don't get nervous or embarrassed often.

78) I have two on my chest and one on my foot.

79) I have loved all of my pets over the years...Christmas(white shepherd), Cricket(black lab), Beaumont I(bichon frise), Rocky(parakeet), Cheesy*Tigger*Kinkadoidee(fish), Blizzard(white cat), Honey(lhasa apso), Beaumont II(bichon frise), Tiger(big orange cat), Madison(toy poodle), Magic(black cat we only had a few weeks), Samson I(sweetest German Shepherd who had a disease and went to doggie heaven after about a year), Samson II(big, bad German Shepherd who currently "Rules the Roost" at my parent's house) I hope I didn't forget any of my pets.....

80) I played basketball in junior high, but always tried to foul out of the game so I wouldn't break a nail.

81) One day, I decided that I wanted to do, I practiced and practiced until I was able to do them.....that same day....

82) When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered..."I want to be a doctor, an artist and a banker."

83) I love turning on all the lights in my parents house when I visit....hehe

84) In high school, I totalled my dad's car on my way to drill team practice at 6 am. I ran off the road, knocked out a big brick mailbox and came within inches of a telephone pole. The front windshield was completely shattered from the many bricks that went through it. There were bricks lying all around me in the car...not one of them hit me...I didn't have one scratch on me. Then, a man drove up and asked if I was ok...I told him I needed to get home, so I got in his car (a TOTAL STRANGER) and thankfully, he took me directly home. I have some major guardian angels watching over me....

85) I have trouble finding rings that fit fingers are so skinny. I wear a 3 or 3 1/2 on my ring finger.

86) I have wanted to get a nose job since I was 12....but, now I'm thinking that I may just keep what God gave me.

87) I change into my "comfies" within 5 minutes of being home.

88) My goal of "Being fluent in 10 different languages by the time I'm 30" will most likely not be met. I have about 4 weeks left...and 7 languages to go.

89) I love volunteering.

90) I used to teach preschool....and I still miss those kiddos. I balled and balled when I drove away from the school on my last day. I felt like I was abandoning them.

91) I like crunching ice in my teeth....I'm doing it right now.

92) Christmas is my absolute, all time, most favorite season and time of year.

93) To get the best view of the tree, you have to turn off all of the lights, turn on the Christmas tree lights and then squint your eyes to make the lights all blurry and magical. Oh, and you must have either Bing Crosby or Andy Williams singing in the background.

94) Just an FYI, I could easily make a list of "100 Things I Love About Christmas".

95) I prefer cold temperatures to hot temperatures....I know my name is Summer, but Dallas in the summertime is miserable.

96) I want to travel the world.

97) I always make a big deal about my birthday and this year ESPECIALLY!!!

98) I LOVE rainy days....(as long as I can snuggle up in bed until 10 and then drag myself to the couch where a day of reading books and watchtime Lifetime ensues...)

99) I am thankful every single day that Jesus died on the cross for my sins.

100) I am happy 99.9% of the's a choice, after all.... :)

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Erin said...

okay, where to begin...

#6, 24 and 25...same!
#28...that is SO cool!! can you come and teach me some time? i love cooking and baking and it would be so fun to learn new and exciting things :)
#50...i love spinning, but have never tried it in an elevator. must try this some day soon!!
#57...mine is 1111 (as in the time 11:11)
#70...again, samers
#85...what tiny fingers you have. mine are like a size 9 or something dumb like that. i can wear my husband's rings no problem (they can be a bit tight on my)
#93...i TOTALLY do that too!!! sigh, it's the best.
#95...come visit's been really cold here! i'm still waiting for spring to arrive :(

that was a fun list!! you're so cute.