Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am SO thankful for the way God makes things work out...even when you totally doubt it at the time. I could give you many specific cases right now, but I'll just let you apply it to your own life.

Think about a time in your life (there have been few for some and many for others) when you just could NOT understand why God was putting you through something. You thought to yourself that you were forgotten...or, being unnecessarily challenged and you just didn't understand why "this" was happening to you. You felt as if you had been doing the "right" things and living a "good" this? Why now? Why you?

Well, before my faith became solidified, I had times where I just could not wrap my brain around the reason for certain things happening in my life. I always talked to God and asked him for guidance, but I wasn't really "listening" to Him when He answered me. Looking back on some of these times, I now see how ubiquitous He really is. I was never alone...I was never left to fend for myself....I had the strongest One in my corner at all times....all I had to do was listen.

Sometimes, the hardest thing for a person to do is just listen. Listen for His calming, reassuring and loving Voice.....

Then, days...months...or years look back upon this difficult time when you sought His guidance...and you see that He did, in fact, answer you....It's in His time...not ours.....He knows what is best for us....We do not know His perfect plan...We just have to trust it.


Vera said...

You are SO right! Thank you... I needed to hear that today.

Molly said...

What an encouraging post and so true.
Don't know how I wasn't following you until today...been here before and thought I was for sure! Sorry!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

So encouraging, Summer! I've had those moments too, when I didn't see (or understand) what God was doing. What a wonderful reminder to LISTEN for His voice. Listening is so hard sometimes--but it's amazing when I finally do and I hear His voice reassuring me and giving me strength to go on! Beautiful, Summer!

Oh and Summer, I saw this blog on a friend's page and I thought of you!! It's the Adventures of Pocket Edward (from Twilight)!! They take random pics of pocket Edward everywhere they go! here's the page for a laugh or two: