Monday, March 22, 2010

Ahh...Spring in Dallas....What do you mean it's going to snow??!!

This past weekend was spent relaxing at my parent's house.  We're talking low key peeps....and I loved it!

The weather in Dallas was rainy all day Saturday, so we just watched movies and hung around the house all day.  Dad made yummy stew (perfect cold weather food) and mom and I watched "Twilight" and "New Moon" back to back....haha!

I'm laying in bed Sunday morning and I hear my bedroom door dad slowly walks in.....opens the shutters in front of me and I can't believe my eyes!

It looked like something out of a postcard!  It was beautiful!  Then, I remembered....WAIT...IT'S SPRING!

Just yesterday, it was 70 degrees....and today, the earth is blanketed in snow.....Dallas weather always amazes me.

Then, last night, a friend and I went to see "Crazy Heart" was fantastic!

Jeff Bridges did an excellent job and totally deserved the Oscar!  Funny story...the theater that we went to serves alcohol and I think one of our fellow movie-goers had been partaking in some spirits.  Well, this particular person felt it necessary to make loud comments about things going on in the movie.  He would yell "Bullsh**" or "Oh REALLY?!"  Just totally random things.....and at first, I thought he was talking to someone with him........Nope....he was by himself....haha!  It did cause quite a few giggles throughout the audience several times.....Well, that and his loud belching.

**Oh, and an update regarding my "Aussie Pal"....Because of the blizzard this past weekend (aka, 2 inches of snow), everybody stayed indoors.  But, he will be in town all week, so.......


Molly said...

Blizzard! Hehe. Bummed it made you miss your "Aussie Pal". :) Can't wait for that update!

OceanDreams said...

I want to see Crazy Heart, it looks so good and wow that's a lot of snow! I hope your Spring time arrives soon. :)