Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Now, I know that spring doesn't officially begin until March 20th...but, lemme tell ya folks...The weather here in Dallas has shifted and I feel it in the air!  Everyone seems to be smiling more and walking with some pep in their step!

Of course, along with this beautiful weather, I seem to be getting some kind of silly cold.  Ugh.  Of course.  But, I just downed some Emergen-C, so hopefully it'll karate chop all that nonsense away!

I have officially created my new blog and will begin adding posts on Monday!  If you haven't already told me, please let me know if you would like to be invited.  My blog will be titled Summer Won't "Weight"...

I will blog about everything from tasty and healthy recipes, exercises that do/don't work for me, struggles that I am going through...and, of course, the dreaded weigh-ins and before/after pictures.  EEEP!

Happy Blogging!


Lynette said...

I would love to look at your new blog. I have just opted for a WII fitness plus instead of renewing my "Y" membership, so maybe you can inspire ME! Thanks!!

Kim said...

I can't wait for spring! I can't believe you think you need to lose weight! And even more than that that you are going to take and post pictures of the areas that you consider "problems"! That's brave! I would love to be invited! Maybe it'll help get me motivated!