Thursday, July 31, 2008

Me being silly.....

Movies and GREAT FOOD!!!

This week has been pretty busy....Monday night, I went to see "The Dark Knight" and it was really good! Tuesday night, I saw "Wanted" and that was WAY intense!

Then, last night, I went to dinner with an old friend to Nick & Sam's. I'M IN LOVE WITH A RESTAURANT!!! The food, the atmosphere....everything was spectacular!!! I've decided that I'm going there at least once a month (hopefully, with a guy that will pick up the tab...hehe)

I was goofy when I got home, so I took some pictures of myself....hahaha....I've lost my mind!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Night out at Jake's

The "Three Amigos" livin' it up at Jake's....

Taking a baby to a party..... :)

Just to give you a few updates...

I recently moved to the Uptown area of Dallas where I have the absolute most adorable little studio apartment!!! I've been wanting to move to this area for a while now, but things just haven't worked out that way. Well, HERE I AM NOW BABY!!! ;)

My dear, dear friend, Tracey brought her precious little boy (G) down to stay with me a few weekends ago and we had heard that there was going to be a "Pool Party" for my apartment complex. Well, apparently this thing is pretty well known and busy....but, we thought..."Well, we can just hop on over there with G and maybe it'll be fun? Who knows, right? What harm can it do to take a one year old to a pool party.....can't be THAT crazy....., as we are walking about a block away from where the pool party is taking place, we see some dude in trunks so we ask him where the pool party is...He stares at us for a moment as if in a daze...then mumbles,"'s just around the corner that way...But, I don't know that the kid will like it. It's really loud in there." Well, at this point, we're getting a little bit leery, but still on our mission to "give the pool party a shot", then see what happens (we can be so completely stubborn sometimes)

So, as we approach the party (still half a block away), we hear the DJ pumpin' the jamz and I think poor little G's floaties began to vibrate. We run into one more person (who happens to be reloading his cooler full of jello shots and Lone Star beer) and decide to get just one more opinion....He proceeds to tell us that there is no place to sit, the pool is jam-packed full of people and you can't even hear yourself breath (normal fun for just Tracey and I....but, not exactly Class A material for a one year old)

So...with many huffs.....and many puffs.....we decide to turn our cute little tooshies around and go to a different pool.

This "other" pool that we decided to go to was also incredibly busy...but, thankfully with NO slammin' DJ and 2 perfectly placed lounge chairs in the shade!! Party..Bonus!!!

Everybody had fun playing with G-man and Tracey and I got to hang out and relax. They were having "Beer Olympics" up on on the patios, so I felt like I was in college all over again....ahh....good times, good times.....

Welcome to Summer World

Hello one and all!

Welcome to Summer World....where the weather is always perfect (even if it's 100 degrees), the mood is always happy and everything always turns out for the best!

I have no idea what my blog will be about...maybe just my day to day happenings....which could put you to sleep pretty darn quickly....or, perhaps my innermost thoughts...LOL...NO WAY!....haha....I am starting a new chapter of my life....and I think I will call it "Sublime Happiness with a Twist"......I think everything should have twists...they make life much more interesting!!!