Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting better....Trying at least

I really am trying to be better about posting.  I truly just need to set aside an hour each day to update.  More than anything, it's very cathartic.  My own little personal form of therapy...haha.

I'm tired...but, hopefully my next post will be tomorrow.....lots to catch up on....lots.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Chicken Soup, Blankets and Puppies Cuddles

It's finally happened...I've been hearing all about everyone else getting sick, but I somehow managed to avoid it up until this point.  I officially have strep throat. :(

So, needless to say...I'll be on my couch, drinking hot tea and cuddling with Locksley all day today.  I may read a bit too, just to feel like I got something accomplished. 

I am glad today is a work holiday for me...Thanks MLK!  I have a dream as's to get better SOON!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Yep....back and better than EVA!

Gals (and maybe a few scattered guys out there)....I'm ready to start blogging again.  And, lemme tell ya....I got some GRRRREAT stories to tell!

It's been....oh....almost 2 years since I posted (is that true?!)  Golly gee!  April of 2011.........YOWZA!

Well, this blog is taking a turn, my friends.

I'm not only going to start blogging about my dates (three planned in the next week btw), BUT...also...


Yep...get ready ladies.  I've got some amazing stuff for you to win!

I'm excited about 2013....V. E. R. Y. Exxxxcited! (don't get any wrong ideas about the extra xx's there....come on now...this is a family friendly site)  :)

I'll do my first giveaway next week!

But, the stories begin tomorrow......hopefully there's still a few of you around to read....