Monday, May 17, 2010

Tomorrow = Special Day

Oh yeah....and...just in case you didn't know.....


Fun in New Orleans!

I know, I know....I'm just horrible about updating.  Here goes...

So, our weekend trip to Nola was lots of fun!  Really many beautiful buildings...the architecture is quite stunning on several streets and there is obviously loads of history....but...I have to had a do I put this?....Odor.


We went out on Bourbon Street both nights and walking down the streets, you are pretty much constantly catching smells of urine, sewage and a slight hint of liquor.  (not even kidding...)

Now, don't get me wrong...we all had a really fun time....but, I'm kind of a neat freak/germaphobe in a way....and I sort of wished I had a fanny pack just FULL of sanitizer around my hips.

But...that are some fun pics from the weekend...

My friend Chris and me at Frankie and Johnny's

Beautiful building...

Group at The Gumbo Shop

Breakfast at Muther's...AMAZING omelette!

Dinner at Crescent City Brewhouse...

Drinking our "famous" Hand Grenades...

The last night we were there, we had a "Plan of Action"....No drinking actual drinks...Only shots.  ;)

We all had a lot of fun...just good friends enjoying New Orleans and each other's company...LOTS of great food and good times!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dallas Invades NOLA!

Sooo excited, because tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m., I will be heading to the airport to embark upon my first trip to The Big Easy!  I can't believe that it's taken me 30 years to get to New Orleans, but the time has finally arrived!!

There is a group of 5 of us going for the weekend and it will be a first for 3 of us!  I'm ready to see the French Quarter, Jackson Square...Hear some amazing jazz....See some interesting people....and just have a grand ole time!

I'll take lots of pictures and post about my little vacay when I return (and update on everything else)

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!!!