Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend Retreat

This weekend, I am going on a fun church retreat!  I will only know one person going, so it will be exciting to meet lots of new people!

From what I've heard/read, these campgrounds are fantastic and there should be LOTS to do!  I'm looking forward to a fulfilling weekend of fellowship, friendship and faith!

I hope everything has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  "Talk" to you all next week!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wait...Who is it? Oh yeah...It's SUMMER!

You know....It's been a weird and different time in my life lately...and, blogging has just been the last thing on my mind.

I have been making some changes, setting some career goals and well....let's face it...Wallowing in what you may call self pity for a while....ugh.

I'm always amazed when a person such as myself has these amazing opportunities, loving and supportive family, nothing to gripe about at ALL...and yet, I somehow manage to find ways to make excuses for why my life isn't the "Picture Perfect" way I imagined it should be.


So, anyway...I'm taking charge once more....and I'm going back to school!


I'll update more tomorrow!!!