Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cabo Checklist....

So, I guess I can sometimes be a bit too organized...but, come on now...Better to be prepared, right??? Here is my fun little checklist for my trip....

Things to do before leaving:
· ____Put Pinesol in toilet and pour a little in the drains.
· ____Turn off AC
· ____Make sure all appliances are turned off/unplugged and fridge/freezer doors are closed
· ____All doors locked, blinds closed
· ____Put computer and all other valuables out of site
· ____Check flights to make sure no delays
· ____Take out trash
· ____Throw away food in fridge (ask Mike what he wants)
· ____Make sure Mike has my keys/fob (checks mail)

· ____swimsuit and lingerie bags
· ____sets of underwear (2 per day = total of 16)
· ____pajamas (need for 7 nights)
· ____dress outfits (sundresses, skirts, jumper)
· ____shoes & socks (sneakers, flip flops, sandals, dressy, slippers)
· ____swimsuit cover ups
· ____workout clothes
· ____swimsuits
· ____hats (floppy hat)

· ____toothbrushes / floss and floss refills
· ____toothpaste
· ____deodorant
· ____hairbrush
· ____hair things (ties, clippies, etc)
· ____shampoo / conditioner (travel size if possible)
· ____soap/body wash
· ____face wash/ moisturizer (for night)
· ____lotion
· ____perfume; body spray
· ____sunscreen/ after sun lotion or spray (all types, face and body)
· ____lipbalm w/SPF
· ____Q-tips/cotton balls
· ____medications (Zomig)
· ____razor
· ____make up (waterproof mascara, powder, tinted moisturizer, stick color, eye liner, gloss, lipstick)

· ____Travelers check, cash, drivers license and passport
· ____cell phone, cord, charger
· ____Camera & charger
· ____books, magazines
· ____travel journal
· ____Sunglasses
· ____extra plastic baggies
· ____Reservations/confirmations for hotel, transportation, all-inclusive, flights

Now, you may be thinking..."Umm...there are a few things you're forgetting, Summer" Well, I'm not (I hope)...because if it's not on that list, it just means that Tracey has already told me that she packed it! :)

So, whatcha think? Am I forgetting anything???


Vera said...

I knew there was a reason we were friends.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Love your checklist!! And I'm so excited for you (okay--just a teensy bit jealous, too) But you better take lots of pictures!!

Have a lovely time, Summer!

Melissa said...

Love the lists! It makes me feel like I am not the only insanely organized person out there.

Molly said...

Well, I am late, you are gone already! I am sure like me in Hawaii, you will wear your bathing suit pretty much the entire time and come home with a suitcase of clean clothes! Have a blast!!