Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here, There...Everywhere!

My mind has been spinning around in circles for the past several weeks and I'm still trying to get it to slow down.  I am in the process of figuring things out in my life right now.....BIG things....like, SUPER BIG things....so, it's sort of mentally draining in a way.

I need to find my new "career" path and it's quite daunting actually.....There are many things that interest me and that I love, so it's not as cut and dry as I would have thought.  But, my mind and heart keep going back to the same idea....teaching.  Specifically....preschool.

Ages 3-4 is (in my opinion) the absolute most wonderful age to teach kiddos and I adore children at that age.  They yearn to learn (totally didn't mean to make that a rhyme..it just happened..haha)

Children that age are excited to learn and they appreciate what you teach them....they don't see learning as a chore or a negative in any way.  And, not only do you get to teach them rudimentary lessons, but you have the honor of imparting the most important lessons of all....Manners, Honor and Kindness.....What a blessing!

So...that's sort of the point that I'm at now and we'll see where it leads.  I don't know what my future holds....I don't even know what tomorrow has in store....but, I know that God has a plan for me....and it is greater than anything I could ever imagine.


OceanDreams said...

God does have an amazing plan for you girl! :)

Trac~ said...

That is wonderful! I'm so proud of you and happy for you! I always wanted to be a school teacher but am too old now - LOL God has a wonderful plan fo ryou and you will do GREAT no matter where he leads you! Big hugs! I've missed you! :o)

Kristen said...

Teaching is a great profession. If you go that route I'm sure there will be many lives blessed.

Kelly said...

Praying He leads you o the perfect job!!

Angie S said...

Layla is 4 and she is a very eager learner! You would be great teaching her!! Best wishes to you :)

JennyMac said...

You are such an awesome person Summer, I know you have big and amazing things in store. :)

I am about to do a class project with MiniMac's class. 16, count them, 16 three year olds. I could use your wisdom. LOL.

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