Sunday, December 12, 2010

December.....So far....

December started off with a BANG!  I've been spending lots of time going out with my dear friends and having a blast!  Lots of great restaurants and dancing!  (thankfully, my friends appreciate that I am a bit short on cash right now, and they are very generous with their funds...)

Some friends and I went to see "Burlesque" and we all really enjoyed it!  There was AMAZING singing and really fun dancing...and the plot didn't stink! ;)  I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did....

My Boys (aka Dallas Cowboys) are doing better and better!  I'm not a "fair-weather" fan, so I always love them no matter how wonderful or terrible they are playing....but, it's definitely easier to cheer them on fervently when they are playing with full hearts!

Went out for a friend's birthday last week and had a RIDICULOUSLY great time!!

Just a few nights ago, I had a blind date....(another mom-related set-up)  A coworker with my mom has a friend...yada, yada, yada....Needless to say, he was SOOO nice, but there was just no spark.  Oh win some, you lose some.

Then, yesterday, my momma and her friends had a bazaar to sell their hand-knitted scarves, gloves and hats!  They make some REALLY cute stuff!

My mom is on the far right in all black....they had a fun time!

Of course, I snapped a pic of me in front of all the beautiful scarves...haha...

And,'m preparing for next week.....Oh, did I not tell you what next week was????

FINALS WEEK!!!, I'll be holed up in my apartment studying until Thursday!!!  Well, I suppose I WILL get out to actually go to my exams...but, other than that...ONLY STUDYING ALLOWED!  I feel really good about all of my classes, but that doesn't mean I can slack off with the last test!

So...wish me luck!

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Vera said...

So THAT'S why you're blogging a lot again - you're supposed to be studying! Ha ha ha ha ha! My apartment was always spotless and I was always caught up on email and everything else during finals... because I was doing anything BUT studying ;)