Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!

New Year Eve hasn't been that much of a big deal the past 3 years or so......I end up either at home....or driving in my car trying to get to my destination.....(it's kind of sad to say 'Happy New Year' to yourself...) So, this year...I decided to actually get out and enjoy the celebration! My friend Tracey and I went to Loft 610 and had the VIP area there....and had a grand ole time!

We are total dorks when we get together......

She is my sister in every way that counts!!!!

It was a great New Years! Everybody was safe and responsible...(and thankfully, NOT drunk and annoying)

And, the next day (New Years Day), I went to my parent's house for my pea dip!!! YUUUUUMMMMM!

Happy New Year and Love you all!!!!!

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