Friday, January 30, 2009

Prayer and Complacency

How often do we really put deep thought into how we pray and why we pray? Do we just say our nightly prayers because we're "supposed" to? Do we bow our heads at church every Sunday, close our eyes and then let our minds wander to the upcoming week instead of focusing on the prayer being said? Do we forget to say Grace before every meal to thank God for the food we are so lucky to have?

Just so everyone is clear....I'm not writing this to judge or point fingers. As a matter of fact, that above paragraph is a self proclamation of sorts. I've been guilty of every single thing stated above and I want that to change. Sometimes, when we confess our sins out loud, we tend to be more accountable for actually changing them.

So many of us only remember to pray when we need something or we tend to turn to God when something has gone terribly wrong and we feel lost....but, we should remember that every single day that we live here on this beautiful earth, that He put us here for a reason, and we must thank Him for our every breath and cherish it. It's incredibly easy to become complacent and "comfortable" in our day to day lives and think that we are doing "just fine" is when we find ourselves in this self-contented state that we are most vulnerable to letting evil slip past our defenses.

I was reading an email today and it asked these questions:

1. How do I pray? Think about how it might be different if I got on my knees or on my face to pray. Try doing that for the next week and then think about how it affected my prayer life.

2. Who do I go to when things get tough?

3. Do I really think that God listens to all of my prayers? Would my prayer life change if I really, truly believed that God answers prayers?

What are your answers to these questions?? Give it some thought....and you might just change your way of looking at prayer....

Prayer is such a precious gift that was bestowed upon us and it is essential for us, as Christians, to lift up our voices to praise Him, seek Him out in times of need, and know that He is always listening and has unconditional love for all of His children.

All dogs go to Heaven...... :)

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