Friday, August 28, 2009

Finding clarity....Finding peace

Even in our lowest, saddest and most confusing of times....if we look to God and sincerely pray...He listens...and He answers.

I have been crying out to Him a LOT in the past few days. At first, my prayers were a jumbled mess of selfish wants and desires..(this is what I want, please make this happen, why is this happening to me..etc.) And, then...when I calmed down, took in a deep breath and cleared my mind...I truly started praying.

I prayed for clarity, understanding, peace...and the ability to follow where He is leading me. I prayed for what may or may not happen in the relationship...I prayed for things to work out in my sweetie's life and that he finds peace and clarity in his situation. (of course, I was still a balling mess....but, at least my prayers made more sense..haha)

Last night, we had an amazing talk that really brought understanding to the situation. And, we are both praying fervently at this time. Neither one of us knows what the future brings...we believe in God's will, and will trust in the path that He leads us on. Of course, we both have our "hope" as to where it will lead...but, we will both do our best to let God guide us and just take it one day at a time...


Emily said...

So glad you have peace about all this!

Molly said...

Oh, I hope things are working out. Thinking about you!