Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FINALLY! Good TV is back!

I'm sooooo excited that some of my fave tv shows have finally started once more!

Last night, 90210 and the series premiere of Melrose Place (don't judge...)


Thursday...Bones and a new show, The Vampire Diaries (I'm interested and hope it's good!)

Now...if only they would start up Friday Night Lights and Smallville already!!!

Goodness...I just realized that I might watch a little too much television...hmm...never seems like I'm in front of the tv that much....I may need to rethink some of these....... shows take me away from reality...and right now, that's EXACTLY what I need! :)


Emily said...

Ok, I read Vampire Diaries book in anticipation of the show...I can't wait to watch it either...although I'm already a little ticked about things they changed.
And Smallville doesn't come back until 9/25. I'm so ticked...I miss Clark like crazy!
Ok, 90210 is off to a good start! I dvr-ed Melrose but haven't watched it yet. And I can't wait for Gossip Girl next week! (I know, I'm a big, fat, tv watching dork!)

Lauren said...

Seriously, I neeeeeed Smallville. This must be what an addict feels like in rehab! I didn't realize SYTYCD was back on already! It just ended didn't it?

Cara said...

I'm not big on tv, but I am a HUGE STYTVD fan!! It's SO perfect that is on in the fall, since it is the perfect revenge for being forced to watch college football! :)

Erin said...

i am going to record the vampire diaries one :) sounds like something i'll enjoy! i had never heard of it until you mentioned...thanks for the heads up!!

Angie S said...

Ok, I must live under a rock...I had no idea there was a new Melrose Place...gotta DVR that one. LOVE LOVE LOVE 90210, but haven't watched it yet! And I agree with you on the Friday Night Lights!! me some fall TV oh how I need a life, but love my shows!!!

Kerree said...

What is the new Melrose like? I wasn't a huge fan of the new 90210. I liked the old one better.