Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Here baby, there momma, everywhere daddy daddy"


A woman's unique fashion accessory...and, sometimes, a woman's arch nemesis.

So, last night, I was trying on some new clothes that I bought online (don't you love receiving packages!) I was trying one shirt...then, the next...then, I felt something fall as I was changing. The tag slowly dropped to the ground and I thought nothing of it at first. Then, I realized that each tag was secured to the clothing by a small, itty, bitty gold safety pin.

Umm....Hmm....Well, there's the tag....but, I don't see a safety pin anywhere...hmm..

{light bulb goes off and I freeze into place}

That tiny little menace was caught somewhere in my carpet and I was sure to find it (most likely with the bottom of my tender tootsie) So, I slowly and carefully felt around on the ground for about 5 minutes until I finally just resigned myself to the fact that I would most likely step on it during one of my 4 a.m. bathroom trips, half asleep, probably fall as a result, bump my head on the wall and end up just laying on the floor curled up into a ball.

I go about the rest of my a bit of tv...practice my guitar and then go into my bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth and hop into beddy-bye.

As I'm finishing up, I decide to brush my hair to get out a few tangles and as I am, I hear something "ping" on the ground. I look down and lo and behold....the Phantom Safety Pin! I had been sporting that lovely gold hunk-o-metal in my hair the entire time.....nice.

Makes me think that in no time at all, I'll end up looking like this lady...


Lauren said...

Ha, ha! There is always crap in my hair: a leaf, a cheerio, a hairbow that I put there for safekeeping and forgot about...until I got home from the grocery store.

Joyeful said...

Girl, you make me laugh!! Love that picture, too! And you got a guitar? Way to go, Miss Summer Diva!

Kristin said...

The dude is forever managing to leave goop in my hair! Check out BonBon today. You're a winner!

Molly said...

Hehe. Too funny. At least you didn't go anywhere!