Tuesday, January 5, 2010

San Diego Adventure...

My weekend trip out to San Diego was lots of fun! I went to visit my friend Troy...

The first night there, we had dinner at the Coronado Hotel...this was their beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby...it was HUGE!

The next day, we hop in his car (amazingly beautiful Aston Martin) and start driving. He told me that it's a surprise location that he's taking me to....we're driving down the 5....and I'm totally clueless.....until....

I see this sign!!!!

I was SOOOOO excited!!! I LOVE Disney! And, I've never been to Disneyland, so I was soooo stoked! Everything was so colorful and whimsical...AND, to make things like a BAZILLION times cooler...Everything was covered with Christmas decorations! Two of my favorite things in the world....Disney...and Christmas...all wrapped up into one! I was in Heaven!

I know that the entire time we were walking around, I just had a goofy smile smeared across my face and wide child-like eyes!

When I saw this stand with the colorful lollipops...I just knew I had to get one!

Oh...and Christmas Minnie ears, too...hehe

When I was about 7 years old, my parents took me to Disney World in Orlando (this was back when Epcot Center was brand spankin' new...yes...a LONG time ago..haha) I really enjoyed it, but don't remember a lot of it because it was so long ago. One thing I DO remember was riding Space Mountain. Why, you ask, do I remember riding this coaster? Well, I was a wee-little one at that age, but determined to do everything my parents did...So, they sort of "smuggled" me onto the ride (even though I wasn't really tall enough) My feet didn't touch the bottom of the coaster car....Normally, this would not be an issue, but for those of you who know this ride, you know that it is COMPLETELY. IN. THE. PITCH. DARK.

So...needless to say....my little chicken legs were swingin' and a-swayin' and I had no idea if they were going to be chopped off at any moment (seeing as how I couldn't see a thing) Therefore...I balled and screamed like a banshee whimpered a bit.

*sidenote: I did not lose any limbs that day*

So, I decided to conquer this beast once and for all!

And, I had a BLAST riding it this time around!!!

Another ride that I had anticipated as a youngster at Disney World was Pirates of the Caribbean...but, that particular ride was closed the day we were there...bummer.

But...FEAR NOT! 23 years later, I am able to ride it!!!!

Disneyland at nighttime was probably my absolute fave! Everything just sparkled like diamonds!

Why look! There is my future house!

The next day, we drove out to La Jolla (this time taking his Lamborghini..yes, he likes flashy cars..haha) We went to the Children's Pool out there...

We watched the seals...

The view was really pretty...

I had a fun time in sunny California and look forward to heading back out that way again soon!

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Molly said...

#1. Yes, I'm married, but can I please have your friends number?

#2. Space mountain at Disneyland is WAY better than the one at Disneyworld. I think they are revamping it now to be like the DL one.

#3. You look amazing everywhere you go!