Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Endings Can Cause Beautiful Beginnings...

Long story short.....

I got laid off on Monday......bit of a bummer, yes......but also, an opportunity.  I look at this as a blessing in disguise.  I have now been nudged to do something more creative....something that will actually make me happy.

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, so I'm confident that something truly great will transpire from this sudden change.

Now, I will admit that I am a little I'm not much of a risk taker......but, I've always been told that unless you take risks, you never gain any rewards.

Next on my list.........Figure out what makes me the happiest and how I can make money doing it!

I'm open to hearing ideas.....haha.....


Kelly said...

Oh no, I'm sorry girl! But what a great attitude you have! praying you figure out something else soon.

carlos de la parra said...

Make a list of viable,short term and long term options.
Follow what you will bet on,and go full speed ahead.
You could open a food truck ,google this,remember it's best to rent one,or lease,so you don't get stuck with losses should it not fly well.
You could open a commertial web site and sell something.
You could go back to school.
You could open a dog walking bussiness.
Lots more.Think.

Joyeful said...

Oh, wow. You are being so upbeat about this, though! I will definitely be praying that you find a job that you enjoy and that will make you happy : ) Oh wait, I have a great idea! You could move next door to me and get paid to watch kids! : )

Kristen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your job. I was really bummed when that happened to me a year ago but it turned out to be a really good thing. It just didn't feel like it at first or for a long while after.

I'm wishing good things will come your way!