Friday, March 12, 2010

Fabulous, Good, Sort of Alright Friday...

Even though I think Saturday is probably my favorite day of the week....and Sunday is my second most favorite....Friday is most definitely third! (wow, I just totally trashed Friday....sorry dude)

It is always fun to build up the anticipation of the "Two Days of Bliss" (aka, the weekend)...and plan out activities for your free time, but I still have to work 8 hours, it doesn't win 1st in my book.

For example:  Tomorrow, I fully intend to sit on a patio at one of the many amazing restaurants near my home and enjoy the beautiful weather we are supposed to have....most likely sipping on a delish, fruity beverage of some sort.  Sunday, I will be trying out a new church (not that I'm unhappy with my current, but I want to give it a shot) and then headed to my parents for quality time (aka, doing laundry and getting quizzed about "why are you still single?" and "when will you give us grandchildren?")  I kid, I kid..........sort of.

Hope all of you enjoy your weekend and I look forward to starting my new Blog Adventure with ya'll on Monday!

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Molly said...

I am home all the time, but knowing the hubs is relaxing and here with me on the weekend makes me still love it.

It is supposed to rain here all weekend. Ewwww. We are planning a Chuck E Cheese trip, though. :)

Happy Friday!