Wednesday, October 8, 2008

EEEEEEK!!!, I'm getting ready for bed a few nights ago.....I go into the bathroom, wash my face...brush my teeth....and I make down my bed....then, I walk back into the bathroom and

I am frozen....cannot move.....I'm shrieking on the inside, but don't want to make too much noise in case I scare it off.......It has beady little eyes, wiry antennae, (I'm getting the shivers just talking about it) was a HUGE roach!!!!! ewwwwww...icky....icky...ewww.....

I slowly walk into the living room.....a bit unsure of what my plan is going to be....Usually, I get a man to kill it. I don't kill bugs....Not because I LIKE, not the case. It's just the "ick factor". I don't like the sound it makes when you crunch them (shivers)....I don't like the disgusting slime it creates when you smash them (shivers).....

But, men around....not to mention it was about 1 a.m. and I wasn't about to wake a neighbor up just so they could kill a bug. So, I had to plan out my strategy. I thought about carefully tip-toeing past the intruder and getting a shoe out of my closet. Then, a glimmer of hope!! I realized that I had my old tan flip flops by my dining table. And, so...I carefully backed away from the enemy, and got my shoe.

I slowly and carefully crept to the bathroom (where thankfully, it had not moved its' position)......I oh, so carefully placed my canvas weapon in the tight grip of my palm, got into attack position.....and WHAM!!!


So, still freaking out....I got about 15 paper towels (LOLOL) and stacked them all together and hastily picked up the culprit and put it into the trash.....still thinking the whole time that he might "zombify" and come back for his revenge. So, I immediately took my trash, tied it up..TIGHT...and put it outside of my apartment.....across the hall....just in case.

The apartment is sending someone out today to spray...THANK GOODNESS!!!

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