Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Strong Women of the Bible....

So, in my Tuesday night bible study class, we have been studying the Book of Ruth. If you have not yet read this book, you should take the few minutes and just read it. It's very short, but very powerful. I never realized just how fun it is to read the bible! I was discussing this with a girl in my bible study, and she suggested that I just begin at the beginning and start reading away!!! I thought that was a GREAT idea! So, my dear friends, if you are talking to me one day, and I accidentally break into a "thy" "thine" or "beget"....just remember that I am immersed in that....hahahaha!

After studying Ruth, it has inspired me to truly work on building my character. She is such a strong, honorable woman.....she is loyal and hard working.....she is obedient and submissive (alright...I know I got the attention of all the ladies out there!!!) But, those words are NOT bad things!! I actually JUST learned that!! :) They are wonderful, Godly words and have only been negatively connotated in recent society. Women hear these words and automatically see a beaten down, sad woman that has an abusive and disrespectful husband. Not the case...not the case, at all. I can expound further if you want to's fun to talk about!!!

Well, hope everyone has a wonderful day today!!! Blessings!!

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