Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go, Cowboys, Go!!!

So, on Sunday, Tracey asked me to go to the Cowboy game with her. Her friend has a suite out there, and I am ALWAYS excited to watch my "boys" play some ball! We had a blast out there....as we always do!

Here are some of us in the suite after the game.....

In the Corral after the game.....Le Freak was playing and we were groovin!

So, after the game, we go to Champps in Las Colinas to grab a bite to eat. We are sitting at the bar, and someone says,"Hey...I see you have on a Witten jersey. Do you want to meet him?" I just looked at the guy like he had lobsters crawling out of his shirt...haha....I thought he was just pulling my leg. So, all of a sudden, he takes my hand and leads me through the bar until we get to a table of people eating. I look down and see Jason Witten sitting right there in front of me. HE'S A BIG DUDE!! I said hello and then scurried away.....I hate bothering people while they are eating.
So, I get back to the table and everyone says,"Where did he sign your jersey?" I sat there dumbfounded for a second then thought to myself....Oh POO...I didn't have him sign my jersey!
So, I search and search for a sharpie, finally find one and slink back over and kindly ask him to sign me......He was ever so nice and obligingly signed the back of my jersey. He even snapped a pic with me before he left....nice guy....and darn good player!

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