Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Downer.......with hope....

Well, I'm sure you know by now (unless you live in a hole) that Obama will be our new say that I was deflated when I heard this information is putting it lightly.

Although I had a sneaking suspicion that it would swing that way, I still held out hope that McCain's supporters would show up to those polls and help him take that victory. I was watching Fox News and saw the slow descent.....and recognized those blue states taking heart began to sink. I had bible study at 7, so at least I was dragged away from the tv for a couple of hours. But, when I got back was pretty apparent......and I wasn't exactly sure how I felt.

But, after discussing certain things in bible study and with friends from church....I've realized that there is a reason that God has placed Obama in this position of power. Our pastor, Ed Young, gave a message a few weeks back about how we should choose who we vote are the five categories that he deemed worthy of discussion:


As Ed stated, it all begins with Character! Proverbs 29:2 "....if we elect righteous leaders, our government will be righteous, and if our government is righteous then the laws will be righteous."

He went on to elaborate on the other four very eloquently......and I just wish that all Christians were listening.

What I've come to realize is that God's plan doesn't always make sense.....and so, who knows what He has in store for us and our country. We must always have faith that He loves us and His plan is so great that we cannot begin to comprehend it.....just accept it and continue praying!

So, that said....I will do my very best to support our president, but that does not mean that I will agree with all of his decisions or that I will support any ideas or agendas that are not Godly. But, he will be in my constant prayers.....along with America and its' people.

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