Monday, November 24, 2008

Just 1 more day.....

I'm so ready for the yummy Thanksgiving dinner!!! Well,'s more like lunch, snackin' and then dinner....just continuous eating all day long!

It will be a smallish gathering this year, because my cousins and their families along with my aunt and uncle will be in Florida at Disney World......lucky ducks!

So, although I will miss seeing the entire family, I am looking forward to a quiet and peaceful get together.

I'm making butternut squash soup and a homemade apple pie!!! We'll see how that goes.....hahaha...yes, yes, I know...I graduated from culinary school.....should be NO problem, right? Well, since I graduated last March (as in March of 2007) I really haven't been cooking that much......kind of rusty.........But, I'm sure it will be fine.. :)

Blessings to everyone out there and may you have a joyous and fulfilling Thanksgiving with your loved ones.....

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