Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

Happy Thursday Blog World!

I have decided to begin a weekly post called "Thankful Thursday".....I'm sure this is not something new to "Blog-tropolis" (but in my own sweet little mind, I just invented it).

I am having mixed emotions about today's post.....for me, it is SO easy to go on and on about a million different things that I am thankful for.....whether they are daily blessings or one-time-only occurrences. I am just so blessed in my life to be surrounded by a loving family, encouraging friends and most importantly, a God who is constantly looking out for me and guiding my every step. So, I'll try to steer away from the "obvious" and "easy" answers (even though I just fit them in and you didn't even notice, did you?? hehe)

Today....I am thankful for the laughter of children. Is there anyone in this world who can keep from smiling when you hear a baby giggle? Seriously............come on now.....can anyone out there be that hard-hearted? I was driving to work this morning, and there is a commercial on the radio that has the most adorable gurgling and giggling little baby cooing away....and MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS.....It makes my heart smile! I'm sure that people passing me wonder why I have such a silly grin splashed across my countenance.

Hopefully, you're smiling now just imaging that adorable little chuckle now..... :)


Corie said...

Oh, I agree.
I can be so frustrated with my 10 month old daughter, ready to throw my hands up and go back to work, but the second she smiles or giggles, all is forgotten and the world is just as it should be.
Best sound in the world.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

I love the idea of a Thankful Thursday Post!! I had the same idea not too long ago and I did find that many other people have had the idea--isn't it amazing how great minds think alike? ^_^ heehee.

And the sound of children's laughter simply lights up my world!

I am thankful for you today, Summer!

Ruth said...

Definitely some of the best stuff on Earth! We said we were going to record my daughter in her room on the phone laughing her head of at some crazy story her best friend was telling her. I really wish we'd done that -- maybe next time she's home!

peanut said...

Belly laughs, those are the best.

peanut said...

I almost forgot....and yours was the cutest...LUB LUB

CC said...

the laughter of children is a wonderful, wonderful thing!! :)