Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To-Do Tuesday (and my scarf!!!)

  • Workout:


    Getting a mani/pedi on Monday!!

    Dust and sweep/mop

  • Blogging:

    Weekly Scripture (still want to do this...I need to commit to a certain day...)
    "Thankful Thursday" (this one is easy)

  • Northpark Stuff:
    Trish McEvoy
    Express (just to see if anything is on sale)

    Baby shower gift

    Birthday gift for Ames

    Elliots Hardware-need hydrolic closer for new "Boot Box"

    Beauty Store & Salon-conditioner

    Grocery Shopping

NOW...on to my newest addition to the Summer Scarf Family!!!!

Isn't it cool??? I still have to put tassels on it, but that just takes a few minutes....Happy Knitting!!!


Vera said...

I LOVE your scarf! *sigh* I used to love knitting...but then the kids unraveled a whole blanket and I gave it up.

Emily said...

Very cool...I can't believe you knit that!

Michelle said...

you're getting a hydrolic closer for your boot box?! Wow, this sounds like a heavy duty project.

Kristen said...

Yes, very cool. I love it!

Kelly said...

Your scarf is so cool! I love the texture! I need to get back into knitting.

I knit a ton before I got engaged last year but then I quit while I was planning our wedding and haven't picked it back up since. :( I need to make time to do it!

Kelly said...

PS, I love your idea for Thankful Thursday. Would you mind if I "stole" your idea and did that on my blog too?