Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wishful Thinking Wednesday

With all of this swine flu going around lately, chances are pretty strong that I will be postponing my trip to Cabo....

I think we may be going in mid-June now, and will not be there for my's {sniff} ok....I can {whimper} deal with it. I guess it IS best to wait until things are safer and all....although I do feel like stomping my foot and saying,"NO FAIR!" And, then falling suddenly to the ground and flailing my arms and legs about whilst screaming like a wild banshee....(but, that would be very childish indeed.....hmph...but, I haven't ruled it out altogether just yet)

So, I'm hoping and wishing that things just work out for the best (which they always do). I'm sure that my birthday will be fantastic no matter what I end up doing...and I'll eventually be soaking up the sun in Cabo...(and, I'm secretly stoked that I will have extra time to get "bikini ready")

Oh, and I bought some new bikinis and cute little cover-ups and beach attire...I'll take some pics of it tonight and post!!! TOO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!

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