Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Because I am having trouble shedding that 20 pounds (and it needs to be gone in less than 4 weeks...yikes!) I figured I would turn it around and show my gratitude...

So, I am thankful...that I am always surrounded by an abundance of delicious and fulfilling foods of all kinds. I am thankful that I have never known one day of hunger or wondered where my next meal would come from...

I am thankful that I have options in what I eat and get to choose my meals each day.

Lord, please remind me each day that I am so blessed to have the food that You provide to me. Let it replenish my body with nutrients and give me energy to praise You with fervor. Please help me to remember that there are others in this world who are not as lucky as I am...and they do not have food filling their tummies every day. Please be with those people and help them to get the nourishment they need to allow them a long and happy life serving You. Thank you Lord. Amen.

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