Monday, October 19, 2009

Super Fun weekend!!!

It has been crazy busy for me lately! I feel like I've been going, going, going and not really slowing down much. And, the thing is...I don't think it WILL be slowing down anytime soon..haha....Oh well, I love it!

Saturday morning, I walked in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure which benefits breast cancer awareness....This means a lot to me because both my Me-ma and great aunt Ruth fought this disease. My Me-ma won her battle, but my aunt did not...

I've done this race many years now, and every year I am astonished at the number of people involved...I believe they said that somewhere around 25-35 thousand are out there!!!! How awesome is THAT?!

I participated in the 5K and ran some, walked some...I love seeing how many people are out there dressed in their pink!


After wearing myself out, I went home and immediately started getting ready for the BIG GAME!!! What game is that, you ask? Only the biggest game OF. THE. YEAR!

TEXAS VS. OU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went over to a house party to watch the game and had a blast!

Gotta love this cake!!!

Emily (the hostess) and me....and her hubby trying to jump into the pic...

My dear friend Lise!

The game was really not all that great, but the end result was what really matters...and....

TEXAS WON!!!!!!!!!! HOOK 'EM!

After the game ended, we decided to play a friendly game of football ourselves...

Of course, I take things very seriously and was NOT about to let this chick score!

I did get many a high fives for this superb tackle if I do say so myself...

It was such a beautiful day outside and we all had a blast just enjoying the perfect weather!


Summer @ B is for Brown said...

mr. brown went to the game! congrats on winning. love that last photo of you. so pretty!

Molly said...

Good for you doing the 5K! That last pic of you is great!