Friday, June 26, 2009

Beautiful City and FUN Weekend!

Last night, my friend and I went to watch some jazz outdoors at the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art). We walked over from my apartment and by the time we got there, it was PACKED!

There were hundreds of people...with their blankets, folding chairs, picnics, the whole shebang! We carved out a little spot on the sidewalk under some little trees and got ready to enjoy the show!

We chatted and listened to the music for about an hour and then headed back...

As we were walking back, I decided to get out my camera and just grab some random shots of my beautiful city. Even though I have lived in Dallas my entire life, I never really drink it in...I never truly see the splendor right outside my door. are some pics that I took on our walk home...(most of them are blurry...I need a new camera..haha)

I remember just a few years back...every time I would pass by this street corner, I would think to myself..."Wouldn't it be AWESOME to live here!?!" And, now...this is where I live!

This is the tree lined street going to my apartment....

I love my city!

Now...on to the fun of this weekend....

My friend is having a pool party tomorrow down the, there will be good food, music and laughter for sure! And, tomorrow night...I'm going out with great friends and "someone special" {wink, wink}

Hope everyone has a great weekend...and I'll do my best to post pics of the pool party and night out later on.... :)


Vera said...

Fun! Hey, I've got some news on my blog ;)

Emily said...

neat pictures...I never realized what a pretty city Dallas is.